Purina Busy Made in USA Facilities Toy Breed Dog Bones, Tiny - 3 ct. Pouch

Calorie Content (calculated)(ME): 3198 kcal/kg, 48 kcal/piece. Meat middle made with real pork. No artificial FD&C colors. Easily digestible. Meaty middle made with real pork. Busy - Brand chewbone treat. No rawhide. purinatreats.com. Shop the entire line up chew treats at purina.com. Produced in USA facilities. Keep your tiniest of tiny dogs entertained with Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treats. Made with real meat in the center, these chewy bones let him know how much you care. Designed especially for a tiny dog's small mouth, each Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat has a unique twisted shape to add to your dog's chewing pleasure. Watch his excitement as he gnaws to his heart's content, savoring the exterior as long as possible before reaching the bold, meaty reward in the center. Since these treats are made without FD&C colors, you can rest assured he's getting only the best. Help him occupy his time and satisfy his need to chew when you need to get work done, or give him a Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat as a special reward. Made without rawhide, these treats encourage your dog to chew, which helps keep his teeth clean. Despite his tiny size, your dog is a big part of your life. Let him know how important he is by relieving his boredom and keeping him busy when you can't by offering him one of these tempting dog treats on a regular basis.; Take the time to reward your favorite canine companion with a Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're giving him a treat that's sure to please him. As each chewy bite takes him closer to the heart-shaped, meaty center, watch his joy increase and know you are responsible for putting that loving look of adoration in his eyes. Keep his tiny teeth engaged like nature designed them to be, using these yummy dog bones to work his jaw muscles and keep him from getting bored. Toss him one of the treats as a training tool, or give him one just because you love him. Either way, he's sure to figure out how much he means to you. A super tiny size fits his little mouth perfectly to keep him from getting frustrated. Each bone is made with high-quality ingredients, including a center with real meat, and without FD&C colors to make you feel good about his treat. The recognizable twisted shape lets him see the reward waiting at the end of the journey, making him jump for joy each time you bring one of these treats into his line of sight. Made without rawhide, this long-lasting chew helps clean his teeth. Your dog's safety is a top priority for you, so we strive to live up to that responsibility by consistently meeting or exceeding every major food quality and safety standard. At Purina, we take pride in our more than 90 years of experience creating quality pet food products. We manufacture these treats in Purina-owned facilities in the USA. Rigorous quality assurance checks and tracking all our raw ingredients through every step of the manufacturing process are business as usual at Purina, letting you feel good about every bite you place in front of your playful pooch. Match this Purina Busy Bone tiny adult dog chew treat's high-quality ingredients with an amazing taste and texture, and you have the perfect recipe for making every bite an adventure in excellence both you and your dog are sure to enjoy.; Keep tiny adult dogs busy and engaged with Purina Busy Bone Tiny dog treats. The chewy texture encourages him to keep going until he reaches the meaty, heart-shaped center.