Balmex AdultAdvantage Skin Relief Cream, B Protected

Clinically proven. 1-use relief. Zinc oxide 11.3%. Skin shield. Neutralizes + block irritants. Pleasant neutral scent. Protects. Soothes. Heals. Easy on, easy off. Bladder leakage can be very irritating. Persistent moisture, painful friction, tough to reach and treat. Gets in the way of your comfort - and your life. Balmex BProtected Skin Relief Cream is clinically proven to work in just one use (data on file) to soothe irritation from bladder leakage now. And it ensures you'll BProtected from future irritation and chafing - so you can live life to the fullest. Powered by exclusive skin shield technology: Protects: Zinc Oxide helps seal out wetness and prevent future irritation. Soothes: Vitamin E soothes and improves the healthy look of your skin. Heals: Reduces redness in just one use. For more information please visit Made in Canada.