Equal Spoonful Granulated 0 Calorie Sweetener

Spoonful. Sweetness brings us together. Measures spoon for spoon like sugar. We believe sweetness has an incredible power. For over 30 years at Equal, we have been on a mission to sweeten up many moments in your life. We have a passion to deliver the sweet taste you love without all the calories. At Equal, we strive to make every moment sweeter. 1 tsp of Equal = sweetness of 1 tsp of sugar. Suitable for individuals with diabetes. Questions about Equal? Call toll-free 1-800-323-5316, or write to Equal Consumer Affairs, Box 1280, South Bend, IN 46624-1280; www.equal.com. Facebook. Together we can stop diabetes. American Diabetes Association. Equal is proud to support the Stop Diabetes movement.