Birds Eye® Pasta & Vegetables in a Creamy Cheese Sauce 8 oz. Box

Delicious side dish with sweet corn, tender broccoli & young carrots. An inspired recipe. Pasta & Vegetables: Is this the weirdest looking pasta you've ever seen? Take a close look and ask yourself what it reminds you of. In Italian, radiatore refers to a radiator heater! The shape is perfect for gathering sauce, making sure every piece gets its fair share. But it's the vegetables that make this dish so delicious. Tender kernels of sweet corn, baby broccoli and sweet chunks of carrot, all grown by our farmers, picked and flash frozen as soon as they reach perfection. For the farmers of birds eye foods, nothing matters more than our promise to you: market fresh taste. It's in everything we make. Convenient microwave tray inside! Birds Eye Vegetables and Sauce come in a convenient, single-use, microwaveable tray. Just heat and serve.