Bertolli Spinach & Egg Fettuccine, In A Five Cheese Sauce

Skillet prepared in 9 minutes. Imported form Italy. Complete pasta & sauce. Experience the classical taste of Lazio, the central Italian region that is home to the ancient capital of Rome. This rich dish is typical of the region and features fettuccine, the classic spinach-and-egg ribbon pasta that cooks up al dente and twirls around your fork just like restaurant pasta. A delicious five cheese sauce featuring the tastes of fragrant grana padano, aged gorgonzola, and creamy mozzarella cheeses completes the dish. Nine minutes in the skillet unlocks a taste and aroma as delicious as you would find in an authentic Italian restaurant. Only Bertolli, at the heart of Italian cooking and eating since 1865, can bring you this level of quality and taste. Enjoy this authentic dish imported from Italy and our entire menu of restaurant quality foods. The egg ingredient in this product is fully cooked for food safety. Made in Italy.