Little Debbie Muffins, Birthday Cake, Mini

No high fructose corn syrup (See nutrition information for total and added sugars content). Contains a bioengineered food ingredient. McKee: A family bakery. Download your free ebook! Celebrate birthdays around the world! Did you know that in Mexico children get two birthday celebrations? The first is a dinner celebrating the meaning of their name, and the second is a fun party with friends and pinata filled with goodies! Children in India get treated to new clothes at the start of the day, then get to finish enjoying their birthday with a number of special activities reflective of their culture. In Israel, children receive a crown made of leaves or flowers and get to wear it while sitting on a chair decorated with streamers. Guests then dance around the chair singing and lifting it up according to the child's age. Plus, they get and extra chair raise for good luck! Guaranteed fresh. Do you know the muffin man? Do you know the man, the man, the man? Do you know the man, who lives on drury lane? Our Family Promise: Quality, freshness and taste. 1-800-522-4499. Send or have available the dated end panel. Download your free ebook! Visit us Please recycle this carton.